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  • Always Expect A Miracle

    "I have come to believe that I am here to serve Spirit"


    Make your event a unique, memorable and FUN time! Diana L. Hadley - The Astral Artist provides all types of readings for you and your guests.


    Diana is an Internationally recognized Psychic Artist, spirit Artist , Portrait Artist and Caricature Artist . She had studied Psychic Art with world renown British Psychic Artist June-Elleni Laine, author of "The Art of Being Psychic" in Europe 2008.


    Diana provides services such as:

    • Astral Art
    • Astral Portraiture
    • Astral Past Life Drawing
    • Auragraphs
    • Reiki
    • Past Life Therapy
    • Hypnosis Therapy
    • Massage Therapy
    • ... AND MORE!

    Tranzform U with Cay Randall-May

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    Tranzform U with Cay Randall-May.

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    Inner Voice Intuitive Hour with Diana Hadley Astral Artist

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    Tranzform U, Co Hosting Cay Randall-May Ph.D 4/21/11

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    Performing Caricatures Live



    "I remember the day I "discovered" this image in my drum--it was weeks or maybe even months after you drew Bird Man(Spirit in the Drum). I remember the tingle I got, and that I rushed over to the computer to email you...."Diana! I found Bird Man!" It was exciting! And ever since then, when I use the drum in ritual, it seems as though it is more powerful and more potent - as if Bird Man was awakened when I finally "saw" him!Yes, this is the drum I am using in my profile picture, in fact" - Ally H. Shaman


    "I recommend Diana's spiritual work to anyone who is interested in seeing an illustration of those who surround them. She has a unique gift that can bring you closer to your spiritual guides, friends, and family members. Emaho!" - Nicholas Rhodes


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