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  • Bird Man

    Bird Man

    "I remember the day I "discovered" this image in my drum--it was weeks or maybe even months after you drew Bird Man(Spirit in the Drum). I remember the tingle I got, and that I rushed over to the computer to email you...."Diana! I found Bird Man!" It was exciting! And ever since then, when I use the drum in ritual, it seems as though it is more powerful and more potent - as if Bird Man was awakened when I finally "saw" him!Yes, this is the drum I am using in my profile picture, in fact".

    - Ally H. Shaman, Director of The ConsciousNest, Euclid, Ohio

  • Grandfather Spirit Art Piece

    Grandfather Spirit Art Piece

    "Diana L. Hadley is an exquisite spiritual artist. During my first meeting with her I was curious how the session would turn out. I sat in the chair thinking to myself "I wonder who or what she will draw." As the illustration came to life, she began asking me if I smoked, believing someone may be telling me to stop. I do not smoke. But the idea of "don't smoke" kept coming through. At first I was unsure who it would be. But within minutes I knew who it was. Diana had drawn a caricature of my grandfather in his later years. He had died of lung cancer from smoking tons of cigarettes. It was extraordinary how much the work looked like my grandfather.

    I recommend Diana's spiritual work to anyone who is interested in seeing an illustration of those who surround them. She has a unique gift that can bring you closer to your spiritual guides, friends, and family members. Emaho!"

    Nicholas Rhodes
    Web Developer
    Andover, OH

  • Spirit Guide

    Spirit Guide

    "I have several comments for you, since I know validation is important. Lets start with the picture. I have three "main" spirit guides, one woman and 2 men. This picture is on the man who has the strongest energy. He is Japanese/Chinese and part Tibetan. The hair is perfect. I knew as soon as I saw it who he is. The face is almost exact. He was the man talking to you. WOW! Great job Diana!"

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