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  • Sessions

    $75.00 (1 - 1-1/2 hours) session contact with your departed loved ones under hypnosis,Past Life Regression to  stop negative, destructive habits, etc..Lose weight, stop smoking, drinking, drugs and any addictive behavior. Be more confident and successful.

  • Relaxation

    $50.00 (30-45 minutes)

  • Astral Art

    Astral Art

    Astral art drawing 5 x 7" charcoal with matte:

    with out mediumship session - $20.00        

    with mediumship session: $50.00


    Astral Art drawing 8 x 10"charcoal with matte:

    without mediumship session: $30.00

    with mediumship session: $60.00


    Astral drawing sketch in charcoal 11 x 14" - $50.00 (with out Mediumship session) with matte 


    Reading/Mediumship session with out Astral Art - $40   per hour.

  • Astral Portraiture

    Astral Portraiture (portrait of someone who has passed)   with reading/mediumship session  charcoal, 11x 14" with Matte,  60 - 90 minutes $50.00 per hour


    A Multi-person Astral Portraiture  session is $300.00.  These sessions include a drawing that has many faces and symbols as many as comes through as Spirit permits  and takes up to 4 hours to complete; please plan on spending about half a day with Diana . (sessions can be divided up an done in increments)(Also not necessary to be present by special request)

  • Astral Past-Life Drawing

    Astral Past-Life Drawing : $60.00 per hour (one - two hour maximum)

  • Auragraph Sessions

    Auragraph Sessions

    An Astral Art Auragraph session includes an Auragraph drawing.  An Auragraph drawing is a drawing which symbolically tells the story of your life and helps give guidance and insight into your life. These sessions are 60-90 minutes - $50.00 per hour


    On the other hand my Astral Art pieces I consider more fine art and are priced way differently. Because they are chalk I include basic framing. I offer the same general interpretation but full color detailed art is much different than the drawings. My rate for those are. . . . .


    5x7 $75.00

    8x10 $110

    11x14 $255

    16x20 $467

    18x24 $555

    and 24x36 $977.

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