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The Astral Artist : The Work Of Diana Hadley : Astral Art, Caricatures and Commercial Art

Diana Hadley - The Astral Artist

Astral Art, Caricatures, Commercial Art And More

The Work Of Diana Hadley


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  • Jackie Gage 08-01-2011

    Diana! Hello Dear! You are AWESOME!!! Your Skills are Amazing and Your Vision is Superb. I know you will keep up the good work! (Hugs)

  • pat curry 02-28-2011

    Hi Diana! just wanted to thank you for the sweet portrait of my daughter Ellen for her 4th birthday, she will have something special to look back on and enjoy for the rest of her life. Thank You!

  • vikki 11-16-2010

    You asked me to write you if I could place the picture you drew. Sorry to say, I haven't placed the face,but EVERYTHING you told me I can explain to you. We met at a Halloween party. Our introduction was nothing more than my first name. When our session was done, there was not enough time for me to explain this to you, because many people were waiting. Here is a summary of what you told me and how it relates to my life. You said there were allot of people around me, but one 'strong male figure, who was in the military' kept coming through the strongest. My dad passed away 8 years ago, he was in the military when he was young, but I would recognize this description of him. The first thing you said he said was "I have sent you angels" I have NEVER told anyone but every day I pray to my dad and ask him to send me/surround me with angels. You said I am surrounded by the angels.(that was the second thing you said) You said my guardian angel is Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing. . . I am a nurse, so that makes sense. You said this 'male figure' (aka my dad) said "I love you, my baby" My father always told everyone I was his baby because I am the youngest of his children. You said you see many children around me. "children will multiply', then you mentioned there were some children who had passed that were with me. Children will multiply? I have 4 children, and I just got engaged to a man who also has 4 children. Yes, they will multiply! Children who have passed? I worked in the pediatric intensive care unit for many years, and sadly , many of my patients had passed. You said you saw me as a runner. Not sure that it was a physical running... well, I used to run physically, have planned on running again,,, but metaphorically, yes I am running every day.. single mom, 4 kids, I work full time and I am in school. You also gave me a message from my father regarding someone we have recently lost. It is too painful and too private for me to post here, but I assure you there is no way you could have know what you knew. I will email you privately if you would like to hear that story as well. The last thing you wrote on the paper was 'EARTH ANGEL' my dad always sang that song.

    The point is, there is no way you could have 'guessed' and got everything exactly right!!! I was not a believer when I walked into that room. I really thought you would give me generic information, that could pertain to anyone. There is no way you could have 'guessed' and become so close. Honestly, I wasn't "looking' or reaching far to place what you said. Everything you said was 100% directly related to me and my life. I know you said in the beginning you wanted confirmation that there is life after this world, I can assure you that after speaking to you, I am now more convinced than ever. Words can not express how impressed I was with you and the messages you received. My dad was a very loud, strong (emotionally and physically) man. He totally would have pushed everyone else out of the way to get a message to 'his baby'. Thank you again. I always knew my dad was with me, but it was so wonderful to hear it from someone else. I cant wait to see you again. I am hoping to schedule my own party with you.

  • Tami Cairns 11-16-2010

    Hi Diana... still check your site regularly and recommend you to friends I come across that would like your style! and perhaps I have a friend in CO that MAY want to contact you for a drawing. Take care! Tami

  • Tami Cairns 11-16-2010

    Have missed communicating Diana! Sooo love the new additions to your site.

  • Kristy 09-18-2010

    Thank You soooo much for being a part of my sons 5th birthday today!!!! He loved his as well as everyone else!! You did an absolute WONDERFUL job on all the drawings today!!!

  • Janette Oakman 06-14-2010

    Your website is amazing Diana just as you are an amazing artist and medium and as a person you are certainly someone to look up to.

  • Jackie Struffolino Monroe 12-16-2009

    Wow!! I dint know you had all of these abilities...really incredible..

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