Artist Rebrand

Thom Yorke

MUSIC ARTIST: Thom Yorke’s music speaks on having a dependency on technology to save us yet it holds the power to be our demise. He speaks on dull people and the loss of their individuality, feeling isolated from others, defying control, lucid dreaming, and conformity. With that being said, Thom has gone solo, and his current branding does not represent that. *insert sad face*
ROLE: Art Director,Creative Strategist, Designer

SOLUTION #1: Create innovative social brand moments and affordable merchandise to connect with and attract new generations. Making sparkling water and tickets available as a souvenir.

SOLUTION #2: Give Thom a new aesthetic that fits his conspiracy theory, metaphysical, dream-state lyrics.


Why this design?
Well, communication is only 7% verbal and 93% non-verbal according to the 7% rule. Most of us talk with our hands, therefore, I wanted to send a non-verbal message. I wanted the hands to represent someone drowning but also someone raising their hands, this is a visual representation of the Thom's bittersweet symphony. He gives you a information but yet allows the viewer to create their own narrative.

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